FCHECK is a very stable PERL script written to generate and comparatively monitor a UNIX system against its baseline for any file alterations and report them through syslog, console, or any log monitoring interface. Monitoring events can be done in as little as one minute intervals if a system’s drive space is small enough, making it very difficult to circumvent. This is a freely-available open-source alternative to ‘tripwire’ that is time tested, and is easier to configure and use.
FCheck grew into an overnight success with its ease of use, even though I did not see its complete potential at first. When a surprise Security Audit Team arrived, the full potential was soon recognized. Having several tools already in place to satisfy their demands, the auditors thought they had us when a baseline snapshot of the system was requested. Expecting to hear that we had no such tool in place, they were eager to learn more about FCheck and its abilities.
A site where is described how is used FCheck and the download page is this one

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